Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Delightful Mathurs Welcome us Into Their Home

We are staying with a family in Jaipur called the Mathurs who live near Collectorate Circle. They are four siblings in their fifties living together a charming period house that belonged to their parents. The Mathurs include Dr. Beena Mathur "Delilah", the eldest sister. who teaches in the University of Rajasthan. She lives with her husband who is a retired Colonel from the Indian Army. Delilah and her husband live her two younger sisters - Dr Reena Mathur & Dr Meena Mathur, both Professors in the University of Rajasthan and a brother who is a freelance media professional. Also living there is the charming Anjana, from Nepal, who helps manage their house while we they all away working. They call it “Tara’s Place” in memory of their mother. It isn’t a Guest House with a sign outside the door but a live in accommodation with the residents – mainly for the benefit of visiting professors, scholars and students. Staying with a family is making it so we can really get an understanding of local politics and how NGO's work in India. Delilah's husband is a member of the international rotary club and has told us about several local projects they are involved in. They have been vaccinating children in poor areas around the city in an effort to eradicate the disease. He also works with the local "Jaipur Foot" organization that helps amputees obtain prosthetics. There is also a leper colony near the Kanak Brindavan Temple. People in India often put family members out who contract leprosy. The organization near Kanak Brindavan Temple rehabilitates them and teaches them useful trades so that when they are able to leave they will have something to keep them off the streets.

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