Sunday, December 21, 2008

OK International

Last week I met with Perry Gottesfeld, executive director at Occupational Knowledge International, who has agreed to partner up with Work-to-Live for our first project. OK International is a San Francisco non-profit organization dedicated to improving public health though innovative strategies to reduce exposures to industrial pollutants. They have been working on a project in India to Reduce Health Hazards Among Stone Crusher Mill Workers. Stone crushers are exposed to airborne silica and suffer from silicosis, cancer and other harmful lung disease.

As I have been trying organize a workshop in India that teaches medical professionals how to diagnose occupational lung disease, things have been tough. When I'm not in India my communications with doctors over there is slow. I have also never put together a medical workshop.

My passion and integrity are there, and I have researched the subject enough to know what is needed: education for medical professionals. I just don't think reinventing the wheel is really necessary in this case. Basically, I started to feel like I needed help. With the help of the experienced and dedicated staff at OK International I am confident the workshop we put together in December of 2009 will be effective in helping doctors in India treat patients who suffer from occupational lung disease.

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