Monday, October 27, 2008

Abestos in India: How our new Project Will Help

Dr. Joshi, from our Medical Advisory Board, was quoted in an Ottawa newspaper this week. He commented on asbestos exposure in the fishing village of Urur Kuppam, in the south of Chennai. Visaka industries produces asbestos-cement sheets in Hyderabad. The sheets are used all over the country by people who do not know the danger associated with asbestos fibers. These sheets get old and fall apart, producing airborne fibers. People who use the sheets often cut them which also releases fibers. What is the organization doing to help?

When I was in India, the biggest problem became clear. There is a system set up that does require compensation from companies when their employees are sick. Many doctors simply do not have the training to diagnose these ailments properly. Our workshops will give the doctors the training they need to recognize occupational lung disease. With diagnosis, patients receive better treatment and problem areas can be recognized as populations show high incidences of illness from exposure.

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Asbestos Surveys prevent problems like this happening and alongside an expert consultation service in many cases can reduce the risk of future problems. Prevention is far better than the cure.